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Girls Moscow Russia
If you desire a hot woman for parties; then Sonia is just right for you. sexo en MadridShe is brunette with slender figure, fine bosom and long legs.
Being a model, she is well aware of night clubs, dance parties and high profile people in the city. She can take you to those social events; introduce you to some big-wigs who can help you professionally in your job or your business.
She will pose as your stunning girlfriend throughout party and later make intense love in bedroom. She holds specialization in whole body kissing, shower experience, indulging in erotic games with you and finally opening herself to let you in. She can give you pleasure in KS, missionary even perform a fantastic oral job too.
Not only she is well contacted in high profile social circle; but also aware of famous spots where you can have maximum enjoyment such as bars, pubs etc. Overall, she is perfect escort to pick up for Friday/Saturday or if you are really happy and want to celebrate your happiness with someone special. She would be right there like a true friend who really cares about you.
Please call us or drop an email to get a date with this hot brunette.

My sex story

Chinese Businessmen are known all over Russia for their unique sexual experience. As a woman, I really didn’t have opportunity of sleeping with Chinese man. But, Last week I got to know what these men are capable of. It was best sexual night of my life and I still remember every moment of it.

The guy arrived in my apartment on time and was quite young, maybe in early twenties. While having drinks in pub, he told me that he had a strong liking for adult Chinese movies and wanted to indulge in erotic fantasy or you may call it erotic game as shown in it.  

After having enough drinks i.e. we were on the verge of losing our inhibitions. The guy came close to me and started kissing me gently on my lips.  While we were engrossed in kissing, his hands unbuttoned my shirt and automatically start fondling my tits. Suddenly, he hold me tight in my arms, unhooked my bra and start caressing my back gently.

Then, he put me on bed, removed my pants as well as underwear too and made me fully naked. For some minutes, he kept on looking on my sexy body. I got really embarrassed the way he looked at me. Just like a woman, I hid my tits with my hands. Then, he took out oil from his pocket and rubbed it all over my body. My pussy became wet as his hands move all over my body. I really liked the way he squeezed my breasts and kissed my nipples gently. After oiling me well, the guy started kissing me gently all over my neck. From neck, he kissed all over my body and finally came on my lovely tits. He fondled them for a minute and then took them in his mouth like a child who got his favorite toy. He moved feverishly from one breast to another till they were swollen with sweet kisses.

After that, he turned me upside down, spread my legs and inserted his cock inside my body. The way he rotated his cock was just amazing. Unlike other riders, he didn’t move at constant speed, but kept changing speed constantly. Sometimes he became slow, but sometimes he became too fast. In excitement, I tightly held the bed-sheet while his cock was moving inside my body.  He kept on moving his cock till he ejaculated inside my body and released a huge sperm dose in my vagina.  After that, he lied next to me and slept for some hours.

I kissed him gently before going out and thanked him for such a lovely night. After sleeping with him, I got really crazy about dating Chinese Businessmen and have started giving them first preference of making love.

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